Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A Spontaneous Christmas Show, December 2018

Our Children's Nativity Christmas Play, December 2018

Our Faces!

Here's a special post we've made for our caricature artist!  My wonderful parents have hired an artist to draw a family portrait of us four in caricature!  These are the photos of ourselves that we're letting him get ideas from!  Wish us luck!

This is us!  Michael and Lisa with son Liam (age 6) and daughter Vera (age 4).

I love the "hard part" in my husband's head!  It is not in all the photos, but it is his most current look, so thank you for including it!  Haha!

We'd prefer to see little Liam with his hair combed to the side, as it is in this photo!  That is usually how he styles his hair for a special event.

You're welcome to draw me either with or without glasses.  I wear glasses all the time but usually remove them for photographs!

This is the most recent photo of us and is probably the best portrayal of how we usually pose and smile!  The only difference is that, since this photo was taken, Michael started combing his hair to the side, which I love!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Mini Golfing in the Summer of 2019

Michael is 38, I'm 40, Liam is almost 7, and Vera is 4.5!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Cicadas and Peanut Butter

John the Baptist was a burly, tough man.

He lived on his own out the in the wilderness.  He wore a leather belt at his waist.  He ate locusts and wild honey.  And he converted the hearts of many to love the God that created them.

St. John baptized people, was Jesus' first cousin, and told people ahead of time that the One coming after him (Jesus!) was Someone Whom he was unworthy to even loosen the sandal straps of!

Of course, Jesus allowed himself to be baptized by John, not because He needed to be cleansed of original sin, but rather because He wanted to show us by example the importance of the sacrament.

Then the sky opened up and God was seen in the form of a dove, and our Heavenly Father spoke about His love for His Son, which I believe is once of only two times in the Bible where God the Father is heard speaking out loud.  And this moment is a beautiful mystery of the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary!

When you teach young kids about St. John the Baptist, it's fun to get caught up in the fact that he ate locusts and wild honey.  Obviously, his diet was one of the least important things about St. John's life, but it's still fun and interesting to know!

So, after mass the other day at a church we had never been to before, I spotted a beautiful mosaic on the wall, showing the baptism of Jesus.  Since the children have heard this Bible story many times before, I decided to ask Liam what the picture was depicting.

"Jesus is getting baptized," he said correctly.  Then I asked who the other man was, and he correctly said, "John the Baptist!"  Then I asked one more question.

"Can you tell me what he ate?" I asked.

Liam paused for a moment, looking down.  Then he excitedly looked up at me and said, "Was it cicadas and peanut butter?"

I burst into laughter, so joyful that he indeed paid great attention to our Bible story lessons but finding it so funny that he used a near-synonym for the bug and a similar sweetener that we often like to put on our toast.

Cicadas and peanut butter!  I love Liam's heart!  And I know God does, too. :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A Well-Deserved Award!

July 2019 Festivities

Here's a few photos from our amazing July 2019!  So grateful for these memories!  Listed in an order chosen randomly by my computer...

A perfect day at Mt. Grenta Lake & Beach!

Quality father & son time at Dutch Wonderland for these two!

Poor sweet Vera was sick so we stayed home and enjoyed the photos and videos the guys sent us!

Michael's former colleague Ray helped grill the burgers and dogs on the 4th of July!

Liam's astronaut costume for the 4th of July Baby Parade!  You did a great job, Costume Designer Grandma!

Fun at Grandma & Grandpa's house in New Jersey

Celebrating the 4th of July a few days early with the Johnsons!

My mother made this Annie dress and sewed this Sandy dog for me back in 1983.  What a joy it is to see my daughter Vera get to dress up in the same outfit at age 4 also!

This reminds me of me with my Dad back in 1983!  But it's Vera with Grandpa in 2019!

Decorating Grandma's birthday cake with Great Aunt Tess!

The birthday girl at a youthful 69!

My wonderful parents, married 43 years!

Uncle Fred, Aunt Tess, my parents, the kids, and Michael and me!

Party on our deck!

So many people wanted to come to our party that the cars lined both sides of the street for as long as you could see!

Even Annie likes a good ice cream sandwich!  Time to cool off after all that parade work!

Helping Grandma open her birthday gifts!

Learning about cars from the guys

Liam offered Grandma the chance to make even MORE wishes than just from her birthday candles!

Ready for fireworks!

This is how close I wanted to sit with my husband.  :)

Michael's Dad, grilling out in New Jersey

Aunt Cindy, reading to the littlest girls of the family

Celebrating 8 years of marriage with this guy very soon!

Totally wearing yet another one of my handmade vintage dresses, kept in immaculate condition for 36 years by my dear mother!

On our way to a day of fun at Mt. Grenta Lake & Beach!

Loving this view :)

All 4 Goddards made it into this photo on a log boat at Dutch Wonderland! 

I don't know why, but I'm so proud of this collection of clean-cut, upstanding gentlemen that I've found for Vera's dollhouse.  Don't they all look like such good fathers?

Ready for milkshakes at Root's Farmer's Market!

My handsome man's new combed-to-the-side hair cut with a hard part.  It's got that vintage military vibe but it also makes him look younger!

This was the only one in our immediate family who liked the menu at Core Life!

Vera is WAY more into desserts!

Celebrating with the cousins!  How dear that Vera and Odette are holding hands!

Time to get wacky!

A fearsome bunch!

This photo made our local newspaper!  The newspaper was impressed that Vera was wearing the same Annie dress and wig that I did at the same age back in 1983.  Mom sewed both the dress and dog, used the same sign letters, and the exact same wagon and sign as she did when she made it for me 36 years ago!  Thank you, Mom, for making this legacy!

Mom made Liam's costume from all things she had laying around her house!  My favorite detail was the telephone wire!