Thursday, June 26, 2008

Love...Congo-Line Style

Someone once gave me this beautiful image of the eternal party that is Heaven: all of us eternal beings are closely woven together to form a beautiful Quilt, with each individual represented uniquely -- while thoroughly enjoying being part of a very fantastic whole. This elaborates on the meaning of the expression of being "cut from the same fabric," doesn't it? :-)

It is as if we will all be linked together with LOVE uniting us, dancing around like guests at a wedding reception in a Congo line. Surely some of the beauty of Heaven is occasionally made visible here on Earth, so I would imagine that there are different ways where that desire for "togetherness" in the eternal, Super Awesome Quilt Party can be noticed in our lives.

Surely the union of a husband and wife in marriage is a visible sign of a strong link of love in the Super Awesome Quilt Party. Likewise, so is the bond of love between parents and children. But there are other links of love (less strong but more of them) that tie us all together in the Super Awesome Quilt Party. And they are just as essential to the overall beauty of the Quilt as any other.

So what are these love links, you ask? They are... love given Congo-line style.

Just like at weddings and parties, the gesture is celebratory and jubilant and empowering...just not reciprocated by the person you are looking at. But don't feel unloved; the good news is that someone's right behind you and has got your back. The responsibility, of course, comes with not ceasing support of the person ahead of you and not leading astray the one behind you.

What goes around comes around, and such is true also for love. I am thankful to be able to love in an unreciprocated direction and not feel the least bit empty because of it. But I won't forget that I can only do it because of those who've got my back.