Monday, June 23, 2008

Safety is not the absence of danger but the presence of God.

My guy friends have me a little worried this season. This summer, even more of them are riding bikes (and even less of them are wearing leather).

This weekend, within a span of just a few hours, two of my friends each wrecked their bikes and wound up in the emergency room of a hospital.

I didn't know about the first incident until I was quite involved emotionally in the second. My friend John was coming out to meet us at the Spy Club in Harrisburg at 11 PM when his bike unexpectedly fishtailed and threw him. Thankfully, he managed to call 911 and then call me to tell me his precise location.

Two firetrucks and an ambulance later, we were in the trauma unit of the hospital praying fervently for him. It took me a full hour of calling friends before I finally was able to reach his parents by phone. Having to wake them up and explain that their son had been in a motorcycle accident was not fun by any means.

It was a very long night, but God was beside John the entire time, just as He is with all of us through everything. We praise God that John did not have a concussion, although he sustained many broken bone injuries and will need surgeries to fix them.

Jesse had been in the very same hospital just 2 hours before we got there. He had also lost control of his bike and was sent flying. I am praying for his quick recovery and healing also.

If only I could convince my friends that slow-moving Vespa scooters are WAY hotter (and so much safer) than sport bikes....