Friday, June 27, 2008

Tonight I went to visit my friend John who was in the motorcycle accident a few days ago. While I wrestled with the ideas of bringing him traditional get-well gifts like balloons, a stuffed animal, and a card, I figured he'd probably hate those things; so, I took him a cooked meal instead.

I filled up a laundry basket with supplies, traveled to his place, and then served it up hot. Gosh, I even did his and a few of his roommate's dishes afterwards!! Cha-ching!

I felt happy to see him up and about, but I could tell that the boredom of daytime television was already taking its toll. At least he doesn't live in my place. Only three channels is few enough to drive a person mad!

On the drive home, I made a detour to the pet store just to see if they had any turtle doves. While they did not, they had plenty of other feathered friends who were certified Psittacosis-free. Upon further inquiry, all the talk about bacteria-driven diseases freaked me out -- and I left the store, missing the days where I kissed Harold without thinking twice about what kinds of freaky things might be on his feathers.