Sunday, July 13, 2008

1 Picnic Basket + 11 Friends + a Few Bugs = A Great Summertime Night

There is something so magical and special about picnic baskets. They bring out the very best in people, I think. They conjure up a happy nostalgia for summertime picnics and lemonade. Suddenly things like ants (which most people would squash in haste) become desired, appreciated...and cute, even.

Perhaps that explains why yesterday, when a bunch of us were picnicking on my red and white checkered blanket, the small caterpillar that Shawn found suddenly became the prized pet -- and we all wanted to hold him. We got distracted and lost track of him when the fireworks began, sadly, but that is the nature of things when you're feeling carefree. :-)

Opening a picnic basket and sharing its contents is almost as exciting as unwrapping a present on Christmas Eve. What surrounds a picnic basket is a cooperative sense of sharing, a happy air of romanticism, and eager smiles that linger long after the contents have been consumed.

In the picture below, notice how the strategic placement of the picnic basket is radiating joy throughout our group. True, it is not exactly centered, but its effects are far-ranging.