Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Biblical Dress-Up Party

My friend Shawn thought tonight would be a standard post-work evening where he ate pancakes for dinner (?) and went to bed early.

What he didn't realize was that instead of the aforementioned, he'd be nibbling on Jerusalem olives and jelly crackers while being appropriately smocked for a Biblical dress-up party.

He also had no idea that he'd be acting in a play or that he'd later come up with the clever idea to disguise his lines in the base of a basket so as to give the impression that his lines were memorized.

I was Mary Magdalene and he was Phillip the Apostle, and together we walked around the Vacation Bible School in character, almost forgetting that our entertaining conversations ought to include the kids.

In fact, we got so engrossed in our characters' identities in 33 AD, that we forgot about the fact that we were charged to do reenactments, and so we left a whole room full of children waiting, wondering where the actors were. God forgive us!