Monday, July 07, 2008

My Readers' Contest

OK, I'll just admit it. I'd like to know if you're reading this, dear reader. When I used to blog at another location, my little spirits soured when I could see that I was averaging 50 - 100 hits a day. Knowing that people were reading made me keep writing. And because I thought it'd be cute to attach each person's picture to the comments that they left for me, each blog became a colorful little photo album of people's wit and witticisms. It was incredibly addictive, conversational, and FUN. But after a year of 11,500 total hits, I finally stopped. All good things have to come to their end.

Here on Blogger / Blogspot, I have no clue how many hits I'm getting, and I don't have the ability to attach people's pictures with their comments. I'm also not really getting many comments AT ALL. That keeps me humble, yes, but it sure makes me wonder if anyone's reading my thoughts. *sigh* And the summer's already half-way over!

So, beginning today, I have decided to establish a READERS' CONTEST. At the end of the summer, I shall give a SPECIAL PRIZE (hand delivered!!) to the person who leaves the wittiest, most thought-provoking comments on each blog.

Here are the contest rules:

1. Please do not reveal your identity with your comment -- but do NOT post anonymously. This means you should choose a user name that I won't associate with anyone in particular, and you should use it with all your comments for the rest of the summer. This will help me to keep a score for you without knowing who you are. ;-)

2. You do not have to read my blog every day to participate in the contest. In theory, a person could wait until the very LAST day of the summer and then go back and comment on every single blog.

3. Comments should be posted directly to this original blog location which is Comments posted through other network feeds (such as when Facebook replicates this) will NOT be considered part of the contest.

4. Do not be alarmed if your submitted comment does not appear online right away. My moderation settings require me to approve comments before they are posted for public viewing.

5. Let's make the contest end on August 26th. On this day, I will go back and select a "winning" comment from each blog entry, tally them up, and then post the user name of the overall winner who had the highest score. The winner should then reveal himself or herself to me, and then I shall hand-deliver the mystery prize!!

6. This contest cannot be combined with any other sales, promotions, or discounts.

7. Void where prohibited.

8. Expires August 27, 2008.