Sunday, August 17, 2008

Feeling Dirty & Overwhelmed

Ugh. I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed...for 2 reasons.

REASON #1: The Dirt & Grime
I just got back from a whole day at Purple Door, and while it was certainly a lot of fun, it left me covered in a thick film of dust and grime. My blue jeans became brown. My black shirt became brown. Yes, my black shoes even became brown. When I got home, I actually took my clothes off while standing in my bathtub, just so that I could TRY to collect as much of the grime as I could. Then I threw everything directly into my washing machine. I felt like PigPen, so I took a shower and attempted to clean the dirt out from out under my nails. I kept smelling that scent of inhaled dust, so I blew bubbles with my nose into a cup of warm water. I even delved into my ears to make sure they were clean. I had stood too close to the mosh pit, I suppose, and the cloud of dry dirt particles that the boys were stirring up with their angry feet had been raining down on us all day. Oh well. I guess it's part of the outdoor-concert-going experience.

REASON #2: Being Over-Booked
I'm feeling rather overwhelmed by my own schedule. I'm currently in the middle of a solid 12-day streak of days where there is an event planned EVERY evening (and, quite frequently, during the daytime as well). Normally I thrive in activity like this, but every once in a while, a girl just wants to sit at home on her couch, you know? I think I might have to take a mental health day from my social calendar. :-( In addition, my water bill needs a price reduction. Somehow I end up taking more showers during the summertime just because of the hyper-activity (and warmer temperatures). I'm also starting to freak out about the dwindling time I have left to unpack my classroom (not to mention planning lessons and photocopying worksheets) for the first week of school. The building is only open until 3 PM, and when you're out late the night before, it's hard to pick yourself up, bring yourself in, and work efficiently. It comes down to the choice of sleeping in and having no time to work or getting up and being so sluggish and exhausted that nothing gets done anyhow. Ah, futile! ...unless I start to clear my schedule and re-prioritize. I think I'm actually ready to.