Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fixing for a Tea Party

I'm so excited. Tomorrow night I am hosting a little tea party for my friend Theresa! We'll be savoring quaint finger sandwiches and sipping from delicate china.

I wish I could say the idea was mine, but it was all hers. She's so creative! Theresa has several younger sisters, and she told me tonight that during the summertime, her and her sisters have a REAL tea party at least once a week. How special!

For my part, I have only partaken in tea parties that consist of FAUX cupcakes, crackers, sandwiches, and cookies. Yes, I have plenty of nearly-real treats that would give us a table-full of make-believe delicacies. But, as it is, tomorrow night I shall experience the REAL thing. I have my grocery list ready. Wish me luck playing a British hostess!!