Saturday, August 02, 2008

Taking a Bird Bath

Today I took a shower with Pure & Innocent!

They sat atop my shower curtain rod cleaning and preening their feathers while I misted them with water and washed myself.

While shaving my legs, a delicate feather landed on me, obstructing the path of my razor. I could only chuckle, look up at them, at try to guess who was the culprit. They, of course, both looked down at me curiously, as if to likewise question the origin of the feather. In instances like these, the male has the advantage because he can simply say, "I'm Innocent!" and we can't deny it. :-)

But like humans, these birds sometimes prefer a bath instead of a shower. So last night I filled my bath tub a centimeter deep and they both played around in it, splashing each other like little kids. So cute!

After my shower, I sat with them on my lap while I watched television. It only took a pillow covered in a bath towel and then covered again in paper towels (as well as a small cage without a base) for me to rig up a contraption where I was able to hold and pet them in my hands with the assurance that they would not fly away. I even allowed Pure to come out of the cage and crawl up onto my chest so that I could pet her. Five minutes later, Innocent was guilty of much jealousy, and the birds literally traded places without me having to orchestrate it. Pure walked back into the cage and Innocent walked out of it and onto me a moment later. Such sharing!

The birds are definitely maturing. Today I heard the first coo! And Innocent is on Day #2 of performing special dances to attract Pure's attention. So far, she's been acting unaffected, and although this indifference has temporarily deflated Innocent's feathers a bit, I know he'll try again tomorrow. I can't deny that I would be thrilled if Pure laid a few eggs.

Do I have any takers for the offspring?