Saturday, September 20, 2008

All Stuffed Up with the Sniffles

This week was such a long one for me. My nose was running the whole time, and I became exhausted of always trying to catch it. It's not easy to teach the addition of integers when your eyes are watering and you can barely see your students!

Somehow my nose was plugged (making it difficult to breathe and impossible to smell) while also being simultaneously a never-ending leaky faucet. I actually carried a tissue box with me at all times, even when I went to the faculty lounge.

So on Friday night, I fell into bed at an early 6 PM and slept until 9 AM this morning. Upon waking and finally feeling like I had kicked this cold on its butt, I reorganized my kitchen cabinets and then got a call from my Floridian friend Jim. When our conversation ended and my attention turned to the doves, I discovered my father working on my car outside my window. How kind! He was checking its fluids and tire pressures.

I invited him in (he was surprised that I was up!) and together we played with the doves for awhile. Then Mom stopped by (also wanting to play with the doves), and so the three of us watched as the doves flew around the living room and ran around on the carpet, their sharp little eyes catching the random seeds that my vacuum cleaner must have just missed.

When my parents left, I cleaned my kitchen top to bottom with 409, vastly reorganized the rest of my cupboard space, washed several loads of laundry, backed up my most important files to Mozy, and then whittled my 200+ email inbox down to absolutely nothing. Ah, refreshment! (It pays to sometimes have nothing to do on the weekends.)