Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day: My Last Horrah for the Summer of 2008!

Today is my 84th and final blog posting for the summer. I'm so thankful that I met my goal of posting 84 blogs! And what a great summer it was to write about! But don't worry, dear reader. I have become addicted to writing you. You have indeed become my diary, and so I shall not be stopping. With the start of school, I shall merely write less frequently. But, oh indeed, I shall keep writing! :-)

Today Shannon came up to visit from Virginia this weekend, so last night we chatted on my couch until about 1:30 AM. Even though we've been friends for a gazillion years, we discovered we had even more in common than we thought! We seem to have the same things on our minds, both the joys that we pursue and the worries that hold us back.

But we also discovered a HUGE HOLE in our friendship. All these years, she had no idea that I went to prom with her friend Justin! We were in different grades, you see; I was a senior and she was a sophomore. And although I went to prom as a freshman and again as a junior, when my senior year rolled around and I found myself single, our friend Erik suggested that I ask Justin (gasp -- an underclassman!) to go with me, and so I did.

The old adage that says that no one ever speaks to their prom date again was not true for Zach (we kept a friendship even after we broke up) and certainly not true for Scott (we had 14 years of close friendship after prom), but Justin and I never spoke again, honestly. And last night I finally learned why!

Unbeknown to me at the time, Shannon was in the process of hooking him up with her friend Liz, and I think she might have said last night that he eventually married her -- or at least married her friend Becky or something. I can't be sure and should have listened better! We were just cracking up last night about the fact that we never knew this about each other. Hahaha!

Remembering my short friendship with Justin and our friend Erik who helped connect us, my memory then swelled with the recollection of the MOST EMBARRASING NIGHT OF MY LIFE. And while I don't feel like getting into the whole story with you now, dear reader, let's just say that it was a classic case of confusion and jumping to conclusions which caused me to call 911 when I shouldn't have! Many cop cars and eventually Justin and Erick showed up at my door, and it was a humbling experience. I can laugh about it now and I am thankful that nothing bad happened. At least it gives me something I can pull out as a good story when one is needed in conversation. Maybe I'll tell it to you sometime. :-) today Shannon and I were hoping to do lunch with Erik, but he didn't get back to us in time before Shannon had to head back to Virginia, and so I spent the afternoon with Shawn and Matt in their pool. So much fun!! I followed the guys to the Ming Court Buffet, and then eventually drove to my Aunt Tess & Uncle Fred's house where I met up with my parents and ate a delicious dinner out on their patio before we all went together again to an Amish rodeo.

The first teacher day is tomorrow, and I feel ready and excited to see all my friends from work again. It will be hard to get back on a regular schedule, but I'm going to try and start by going to bed now. Good night!