Sunday, October 05, 2008

Life Chain '08

Today's weather was an absolute delight, just like yesterday. Since it was Respect Life Sunday, my friend Theresa and I participated in Life Chain '08, joining a long row of people on the side of a busy road to reveal the truth about abortion and to proclaim the forgiveness of God!

When I arrived at her house, Theresa and all of her sisters and mother were outside enjoying a tea party in the sunshine on a table in the backyard. They had a pink china tea cup all ready for me when I arrived! I brought them a basket of yellow flowers, and we chatted away until Mr. English announced that it was time to depart. We then rushed to clear the table and all piled into the van.

It was the perfect day to stand on the side of the road and give such messages of truth and hope. Many people honked happily, waved, or gave us a thumbs-up as they drove past. But sadly there were 3 cars who gave us the thumbs down or (in one instance) a particular finger up. These things were shocking and crushing to me at the moment they happened, but a person cannot hold a "Jesus Forgives and Heals" sign without experiencing the happiness that comes from that truth!