Saturday, November 01, 2008

Another Halloween Costume Party!

Tonight I went to a Halloween costume party thrown by my friend Theresa and hosted at this guy Mike's house. It was so much fun!

There was a great turn-out of unique individuals!

I got to meet Sarah Palin and wish her well this coming Tuesday on Election Day.

I got to tell Elvis how much I loved his music.

I met a kind vampire who actually passed on the sharp fangs I offered him. I met the biggest Orioles fan ever!

I even tried to hug a Sumo wrestler.

Thankfully, my soul was not destroyed by the red devil that was present, nor by the Japanese anime character that apparently could do the same thing.

I befriended a newly married couple clad in Bermuda attire while on their honeymoon, shook the hammer of a yellow-hatted construction worker, and chatted with a clown/pimp.

Spider webs were stretched across the back porch, the door, the ceiling fan, and even the the furniture.

Bats hung around the room as spooky decorations and doubled as party favors filled with candy treats!

Theresa had several fun games planned for us (classic ones like pin-the-pumpkin-on-the-haunted-house, bobbing for apples, and others), and I brought a CD of haunting organ music mixed with periodic shrills and screams.

I was going to go as a big pumpkin, wearing the costume my mother made for me when I was obviously large enough to wear an adult-sized costume. I had 4 pillows and a pair of green tights all ready to go!

But at the 11th hour, I decided to go as the lead singer of the Birthday Massacre.

She's known for wearing her 20-eye black Docs (check!) her black pleated school girl skirt (check!), a white shirt and black tie (check!), lots of eyeliner (of course!), and her black-and-purple locks (mine were black and red) in pigtails.

Of course, nobody knew who I was. I had to explain, which obviously took all the fun out of it. But I can't help that people aren't familiar with such awesome music. Hopefully now they will be listening to what they ought to. ;-)

The party was fun from beginning to end, and even the clean up was jovial. Mike seemed to like hosting the party so much that he suggested we do this kind of thing once a month!

I didn't have the guts to ask him if we were going to dress up in costumes every time, but a part of me was hoping that we could! :-)