Friday, November 07, 2008

Let's Pretend It's Springtime, OK?

Gosh, waking up all this week has been delightful. For some reason, my body has felt fantastic, not just upon waking but also throughout the day.

Daylight Savings Time has allowed me to savor morning sunshine again, and this week's warm drizzles have made it feel like April. The delicious smell of growing grass and fresh dirt has sent my eyes to the perimeter of our lawn, looking for crocuses.

It's a delightful experience for the month of November. Even my classroom feels like its Springtime. Instead of the ice cold environment we normally experience in Room A103, this week it's been unseasonably warm. Even some of my colleagues have started wearing pastels again.

I keep waiting for my doves to lay eggs, and my perception of it being Springtime only makes that anticipation build. Their actions certainly would suggest that the laying might be soon. But maybe they can instinctively tell that it's not REALLY Springtime outside, for new life hasn't graced the birdcage just yet.