Monday, December 29, 2008

Love is in the Air

What a fabulous weekend! The world is now an even better place because there is one more beautiful union of husband of wife walking on its surface!

Lija and Matt's wedding was absolutely breathtaking! Love was definitely in the air, and there was a magic, fairytale quality to the whole festive day.

I could barely sleep the night before, and when my alarm finally went off, I kissed my doves good-bye and then went to Classic Cut & Style where this very talented woman named Lucille did my hair.

I got to the church 20 minutes early and was the first one to arrive, so the sexton let me in and I started to set up shop. Before long, there was a flurry of activity. The florist had dropped off the bouquets and boutineers, Lija arrived (looking radiant!), and soon the bathrooms were crowded with all of us bridesmaids squeezing in front of the mirrors.

Giuseppe was my date, and he arrived at the church just when everything happened. Jackie started to freak out about her hair, Jen started to feel faint, Lexi needed a safety pin, I lost my cell phone but needed to find my shoes, and my parents suddenly knocked at a side door, asking to come in. Our meeting was thus delayed, but soon he was coming down a big wooden staircase just as I was coming up it, and so we met for the first time on the little landing that resided in the middle. Hello!

My meeting with Giuseppe was unfortunately brief, and I had only a few seconds to teach my father how to use my new camera, for then it was time for the Bridesmaid Huddle, where we prayed for a blessing on Lija's beautiful day and gathered our confidence for the long walk down the asile.

My escort was Chip (one of Lija's wonderful brothers) and thankfully we made it down the aisle without me stumbling in my 4-inch heels! The little flower girl and ring bearer did their jobs perfectly, and Lija looked heavenly as she walked down the asile, which was framed with lit candles. Neither April nor I slipped on the stone floor as we crossed the altar to the pulpit for our readings, and Nate didn't drop the rings. Everything went off without a hitch! Whew.

In place of throwing bird seed or blowing bubbles, the guests were given golden bells to ring as Matt and Lija exited the church and boarded an old fashioned trolley. Then all of us in the wedding party climbed aboard, too, and we enjoyed a champagne toast on the way to the reception! So much fun!

We snuck into the back of the Riverdale Manor House, and a little hang-out room had been prepared for us with champagne, cheese, crackers, and fruit. When it was time for formal introductions, Chip and I walked into the hall to AC/DC's "Black in Black!" So appropriate!

Sans glasses, I wouldn't have found my seat if it weren't for Giuseppe who had given me a huge wave, the exaggerated gesture of which was absolutely needed to grab my attention as I frightenly looked out upon a sea of faces that I didn't recognize.

We sat with my colleagues from work, and my dear friend Jessica knew from the glimmer in my eyes that I was having an amazing time! There were many instances that night where I would have preferred to just freeze time in order to savor every detail and prolong that night forever, and seeing her was one of those moments. I had so much to tell her! Could we please just pause the evening for a moment so that I could? :)

The food was phenominal, and the dessert room was such a special treat! The bar served endless drinks, and the dance floor kept a happy crowd on it all night. :-)

With all the excitement and fun, I didn't snap nearly as many photographs as I should have, but perhaps this was one event that was more lived than it was documented, and I suppose that is a good thing!

A nighttime fog cast an ethereal ambiance over the conclusion of this wonderful day, and I didn't want it to end. I wanted to wear my little black dress forever! Congratulations, Lija & Matt!