Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Please Protect the Innocent, Obama!

Today the whole world watched as Obama took a sacred oath and pledged to lead and protect our country as our 44th president.

Meanwhile, in the quiet of my apartment, the virtue of protection was happening on a smaller scale.

Innocent was standing guard, watching protectively over Pure, who was sitting on her egg. She had laid her third egg just recently, and this was the first one that wasn't cracked.

Their little image of huddled-together feathers is a small facet of the beauty of the family; and, even on this small scale, even this is designed to reflect the principles and values upon which all of humanity (including this country) is to stand. Help, guard, defend, and protect all people, especially the weakest among us!

I pray for President Obama's focus to be on always protecting the innocent. I believe the true character and morality of a leader (or ANY person, for that matter) can be judged by how they treat the weakest or most burdensome among them. If Obama desires peace in the world, then he must consistently aim to have it at every level. And in my opinion, this means giving dignity to women by protecting their unborn children and by giving dignity to the human person by not passing the Freedom of Choice Act.

Obama is a highly influential and highly infludenced man. While he may be bombarded with all kinds of pursuasions during his waking hours, I pray that the angels surround him and gently lead him to truth during the 5 - 8 hours of quiet sleep that he gets each night.

Obama has the potential to bring about many great positive changes for our country. He has the power to do tremendous good. We must not forget him in our prayers, for he needs the protection of our prayers no less than we need his protection as our leader. May the angels be with him as he sleeps!