Monday, February 02, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: One unborn baby chick's LIFE has been confirmed!

OH MY GOSH!! Yes, there IS a baby inside that egg!!!

I just decided to try an egg "candling" procedure to see if Pure's eggs were fertile. The procedure simply consists of taking the eggs into a completely dark room and holding them up to a flashlight.

The first egg I tried (which has turned slightly darker in color, for some reason) did not appear to have much of anything in it except perhaps for liquid. So sad!

But when I held up the second egg (which has stayed a snow white), there was TONS to see! Red veins were running all over the inside of the egg like a placenta/umbilical cord. And there, nestled sleepily in the bottom corner of the egg, was the shadow of a precious little creature who seemed to consist only of a head and a body. He is so tiny! But so precious to me!

So I now have confirmation that at least ONE of the eggs is indeed fertile! Pray for the little baby dove, dear reader, that he may grow in strength and size and successfully hatch when it is the right time!!

OOoooooooh, my gosh, I can barely contain my eggcitement!!