Friday, February 13, 2009

Like a Calm, Loyal Bovine

Sometimes I feel like God gives me nothing but WORK these days. And I suppose if He gives it to me, then I guess I can handle it.

Right now I feel like a workhorse, or a Clydesdale, or an ox that shoulders one of those huge wooden yokes or something.

This is not a very attractive metaphor for a lady to have--especially on Valentine's Day--but this is what I've been handed for the present, and so I accept it, like a calm, loyal bovine.

At least, however, I found the most perfect picture for this blog! Here I am, as an ox strapped up to her workload -- yet wearing a pretty red bow for Valentine's Day, dreaming of love in her future.

And it is this dream that inspires her to keep pulling her workload. :-)