Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Goings-On in the Little Land of Lisa

So much to catch you up on, dear reader!

Last weekend, Shannon visited me from Virginia! And my friend Doug visited me from Allentown! Together with my friends John, Carolyn, and her friend, the bunch of us went out dancing in Harrisburg.

I had such an amazing time! I came home absolutely exhausted, and yet we stayed up until 9:30 AM. Can you believe it?!

I got sick this week, sadly. I enjoyed a snow day on Monday, but I was out sick on Tuesday and Wednesday with a high fever and cold. My eyes felt like they were swollen with all the extra heat that my body was producing. Thank God for Tylenol and two friends that surprised me with sandwiches and soup.

Then last night my friend Marc visited from Philadelphia. He was all starry-eyed from having just completed the Head & Heart Immersion graduate course on Theology of the Body. We went to a Lenten dinner at St. Leo's, then met up with my friends Theresa, Katherine, and Mike for Stations of the Cross. After that, we went back to my apartment and watched a movie on St. Maria Goretti. What an amazing girl that saint is!

Today I was supposed to visit my friend James in Philadelphia who just recently discerned the priesthood. In fact, I was the first person he told when he came to this epiphany a few months ago! But he had to cancel, so tonight I had dinner with Nate, Moses, and Dana, and then--after parting ways with the guys--Dana and I went out for a little girl talk.

We came to several conclusions, these being the following:

1. Hiking is always awesome. You don't need to be in a relationship in order to enjoy the forest!

2. Be the girl in the relationship. Even if the guy you're dating is emo, don't let him take over your delightful role.

3. Adjunct professors--when assembled together in large numbers--form a unique group of intellectual individuals that are irresistible to watch. Their jovial and literate personalities blend to form a cultural phenomenon when out in public.

4. We miss our friend Kate....and think that her boyfriend Ryan should at least loan her out to us sometimes. :-)