Saturday, November 28, 2009

A "Magical" Thanksgiving

What a blessed season this has been and will continue to be as Advent unfolds this Sunday!

I cannot believe a whole year has passed since last Thanksgiving, when my Aunt Tess, Grandmother, Mom, & I spent the entire day cooking and preparing together. It was the first year where I had been so involved in the process, and I loved every second of it!

But this year I did all the eating and none of the preparation! Mom and Tess had told me to "just go and have fun," and so this year I got to celebrate two Thanksgivings! Michael invited me to join his family around Noon, and then we ate again with my family in the evening. Our bellies were stuffed!

Obviously, I am just getting to know Michael and learning about who he is -- which means that unexpected discoveries can happen at any moment.

And one such total surprise came at the dining room table at his parents' house.

If it weren't for his father who mentioned it, I would have never known (at least not for a while) that Michael is a former MAGICIAN!!

Oh, the irony! My father is a former magician, too, and I was his assistant! My parents' basement is full of magic equipment, in fact! And so I shared with everyone how my father used to levitate me and cut my mother into thirds. Our photo even appeared on the cover of a newspaper when we lived out in Illinois!

This, then, led to Michael retrieving a few props from the closet and performing tricks at the table while we ate our turkey. Oh, how lovely it feels to know all the secrets of a magician! But don't ask me for any clues on how it's done; my lips are sealed! My dad made me promise way back when. ;)

This now totally explains why I paused and did a double-take when I saw Michael holding one of my doves the other weekend. For a moment, I thought he looked like a magician, but I never said anything. How cool that my intuition was right!