Saturday, December 12, 2009

Among the Bramble Bushes

Dear Jesus,

I am ready to be starved. I am ready to sacrifice. I am ready to spend the next several weeks or months in waiting, while anticipating what it is You have in store for me.

You told me clearly last night that I could not afford a dog. You said, "No" to this joy, and I accept Your decision.

I understand that I must fully embrace your "no" now, even if one day--in the near or distant future--you were to finally say, "Yes."

I must accept your "no" with complete submission, which means I must believe that Your "no" could even be permanent.

Sometimes embracing your "no" feels like I'm hugging a bramble bush with all of its thorns.

And I must accept when you say "no" to other things, as You have been doing recently. Last night, through the pixels on my budget Excel file, you showed me that I cannot afford to eat out as often as I do. You have called me to sacrifice more, and this time You spoke to me with numbers instead of words.

I will listen.

I will definitely need Your help, but I will listen.

Sharpen my ears to always recognize Your voice and do what You say, even when it hurts.