Saturday, December 05, 2009

A Girl Needs Her Dog

I've been searching for my canine companion for almost two months now.

At first, I thought I wanted a male dog. Now I'm pretty certain that I will get along best with a female because her temperament is more likely to be similar to mine.

It is exciting, really, to realize that she exists somewhere already; it is just that we have not met yet.

It feels weird to know that she has already lived several years without me, encountering people and experiences that I will never know about.

Who were the other humans that once loved her? Did anyone ever hurt her? Did she fall in love with a male dog? Together did they have a beautiful family of puppies? Does her heart break when she thinks about them and misses them? What has been the joys and sorrows of her canine life?

Of course, she could wonder the same about me. Everyone has a past. Even the man I love will have a past that I never got to experience with him. But, when you love someone, it is as if you want to hug all of their life at the same time -- both present, past, and future. I wish that she could tell me everything she's been through. But, when she comes into my life, we can only be thankful for the present and excited for our future.