Saturday, December 05, 2009

Praying as We Grow

Dear Jesus,

Cultivate this seed, which you have planted.

Grow in my heart the desires of Your will for my life.

Fertilize the soil of my soul with your rich and nutritious love.

Bring further light into my life, illuminating the garden in which I am growing.

Help me to stretch my roots deep down into the foundation of your kingdom, trusting always in your divine providence.

Water me with Mary's tears, helping me to feel more completely her sadness in your divine suffering on the cross.

Surround me with the support of strong souls who will encourage me to grow and reach upwards, even when the sun's light may be eclipsed temporarily by a raincloud.

Protect me from the elements, letting only the storms of suffering come upon me to prune me.

Give me the heart to know You better and the actions to show your love to others more completely!

Help me to keep planting, planting, and planting -- and when you are ready, show me how to harvest.

And then, give me a more joyful heart, so that I may celebrate more your resurrection and appreciate more the gifts you have given me.

And then do with me whatever You will.