Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Time of Waiting

Advent sure is a time of waiting!

I feel like I am waiting on many levels. It is refreshing, really, if you pause to think about it. A certain peace comes over you when Jesus hushes you and says, "Not yet."

It leaves you powerless to do anything, and--by that--it leaves you with no need to do anything except to be and to trust.

Because, really, what more can you do?

The burden suddenly becomes lifted from your back. You can't do anything, so you might as well relax and do nothing but ponder His majesty, knowing that He does have a perfect will for your life.

And while we must always strive to pursue His will, the state of not knowing it is also a grace. It is a grace because to not know is to have to trust more. To not know is to be childlike. And being a trusting child of God is precisely what we're called to be.

Please pray for me that I may be a more trusting, more youthful child of God. Keep me curious to know His intentions with me, yet confident in His ability to care for me.