Monday, February 01, 2010

Moving into My New Classroom!

My wonderful father volunteered his time to spend the ENTIRE DAY today with me in my classroom, finishing the packing, transporting the boxes, and arranging and setting up my new classroom. Soooo exciting!

Today was "Semester Transition Day," one of our most treasured winnings from our last contract negotiations.

On this once-a-year day, there are no students to teach, no meetings to attend...just plenty of time to work and do whatever you need to. :)

So today Dad and I just packed and talked and packed and talked. It was awesome. And then, when the principal gave the word, we joined the excited crowd of faculty members to explore the finished new school building.

The new middle school is just BEAUTIFUL, and today was the first time my eyes beheld my new, finished, and beautifully clean classroom!

I'm insanely excited. It's like Christmas!

My colleagues and I were literally running through the hallways today, giggling with joy at all the new discoveries we were making, from the plethora of technology gadgets we get to play with to the abundance of windows and natural lighting. What a great place this will be to live and work each day!

According to our principal and head technology guru, "We have the BMW of classrooms," with the largest SmartBoards possible, built-in surround sound speakers, hookups for lesson video/audio/postcasting, and even outlets in the wall into which my iPod Touch can plug. I'll even have my own telephone and voice mail. :)

It's going to be an amazing second half to the school year...and it all begins in just 8 school days! Pray for us! And praise God for His generosity!