Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Subtle Strategies on My Shampoo Shelf

What a girl puts in her hair says a lot about her regard for you.

I'm not just talking about the obvious presence of things you can see, like bobby pins or hair ties.

Nor am I talking about whether or not she's straightened her hair for you, or if you've gotten to the point in your relationship where she's let her curly locks cascade freely.

Instead, I'm talking about the subtle things that you don't see, like the shampoo and conditioner she chose to use, as she anticipated being in your presence.

For example, to prepare for a first date, I will definitely use the shampoo and conditioner in the gray bottles (as seen above). When a Charles Worthington product is in my mane, I'm feeling on top of my game!

If we've made it to Date #5, I switch to "Long Term Relationship" by Herbal Essences, a lovely duo of shampoo and conditioner. True, we're not quite there yet. Yes, I bought it because of the name. And yes, this means I'm hoping to see more of you. But, the irony is strong here, since this is usually about the time when said date makes his exit from my life. *Sigh.

After this, I move on to Aussie's "Sun-Touched Shine" shampoo, in a feeble attempt to part the dark clouds of my weepy emotions.

If that doesn't work, the next shower will consist of using Hairapy's "Straight to Perfection," as I attempt to convince myself that he wasn't good enough for me anyway (even if he was) and that surely there's someone better out there (even if I don't believe it).

When it's an ordinary day of going to work, Head & Shoulders is what I choose. But, surprisingly, it is also the product I will use if I know I'm going to be in close proximity of a man's nose, such as if my head gently leans onto him during a movie. I have received more compliments on my hair smelling lovely when I use this boring old brand than I have when I've used specially scented products. Oh, the irony of simplicity!

The littlest bottle you see on the left is a sampling of the expensive, all-natural kind that my mother shared with me from the organic health food store. The stuff doesn't lather and I don't like it at all, but I keep it anyway, figuring that I could use it on some hot summer night when I'm hanging out with environmentally-conscious, fun-loving hippies or something.

Thank you for letting me show you my shampoo shelf and share some of my subtle strategies with you! Obviously, they don't work at all, but it's still fun to pretend. :)