Sunday, March 07, 2010

The More the Merrier :)

I'm one of those girls who loves big gatherings of people.

I feel like I thrive when the social setting is large.  When I see our numbers growing for Lancaster Young Adult Catholics, I swoon.  :)

Here are pictures from this week!

We meet on Monday nights for Theology of the Body class at the little church across the street from my house. We are learning such beautiful things about our dignity as sexual persons and our call to greatness.  Whether our vocation is marriage, priesthood, religious life, or the consecrated single life, the design of our bodies calls us to the nuptial meaning of our personhood, for we are created for union with each other and God!  I love knowing that we will retain our gender and individuality in Heaven, even when we are completely caught up in the joy of the Beatific Vision of God Himself and the Communion of Saints!

Mid-week, some of us went to participate in a 40 Hours Devotion at St. Leo's, the same place that has offered Theology on Tap to us young adults.  This parish will always be close to my heart because it is there that I did my student teaching, and that night I was fortunate to run into Miss Moore, my wonderful cooperating teacher who is always beaming with enthusiasm for teaching and for life!  Greg and Sarah knew her also, for she was their former first grade teacher!

Then on Friday, we we gathered for dinner and listened to Father John talk to us about life.  He had some beautiful reflections prepared for us.  My favorite was when he asked us to prioritize our "thirst" for certain things, and I ranked mine in an order which I will share with you later, dear reader!

Afterward, we all went out to bowl.  My score was a pathetic 79.  :(

If you live locally (or even if you don't!) you should come out and join us sometime!

Our numbers of those people attending keep growing...and so do the blessings!  (The only number that doesn't seem to be going up is my bowling score!)