Monday, May 31, 2010

31 on 31

My family is soooo good to me!

Today my parents and grandmother arrived unannounced to celebrate my 31st birthday.

I didn't want any fanfare and had told them that I'd be happy just spending the day resting my voice.

I had also told them that I didn't want ANY gifts, and I sincerely meant that.

Being in their presence would be enough for me, and I had suggested that we get together later on in the week when it was more convenient for them (since presently poor Mom was still getting over a cold).

But they showed up anyhow, bringing take-out from our favorite Italian place, bearing boxes of gifts, and beaming with love.

They also brought with them this adorable cake that was decorated like a present.  My heart was instantly endeared to it because it sat slightly crooked (although you can't really tell from this photograph).

I really must be my parents' greatest joy.  They were SO EXCITED to be here today.  It is an honor to have them as parents, and it astounds me every day anew how much they love me.  Truly, I cannot ponder their love for me enough.  It far exceeds my understanding.  Only when I think about how much I love them do I glimpse a feeling of what they must experience when loving a child.  I love my parents so much that they are even present in my subconscious interior dialog, where--for most people--only their own voice or the voice of God is heard.

So my 31st birthday was exceedingly wonderful...and I was surprised by this.  But I shouldn't have been.  God is so generous with His children, that why couldn't He continue to bless me with joyful birthdays, right?  :)