Friday, May 28, 2010

A Goal Set By Someone Else

Today I randomly wondered what I was doing around this time last year.

So I went back in my blog to May 2009. 

It was fun to read about how God was speaking to me at that time.  And it was fun to think about who I was hanging out with and what my perspectives were.

And then I encountered a delightful picture of a microphone, which of course, caught my interest immediately.  So I started reading.

This blog entry began with, "I'm such a dork.  I have this wildly unrealistic desire to be the lead singer of a rock band."

From there, I went on to explain how I asked my sound engineer friend Jesse to give me a broken microphone in the hopes that it would inspire me to sing much more than the hairbrush I was used to.

What I didn't learn until recently was that the Shure microphone that he gave me wasn't broken at all.  He was trusting me with the real, working thing -- although he didn't let on.  In fact, he actually emphasized its brokenness (saying that he would need to repair it eventually), with the hope that (he explained last month) I would be less nervous about having such an expensive thing in my possession (which I already was).

But what I didn't realize until today (when I read this old blog) is that his final words to me on that day were rather prophetic.  He said he had a goal set for me, set for one year from that Monday (which, according to my calculations, was May 18, 2009).

I didn't post in my blog what his goal for me was because I was embarrassed to let you all know.  I was certain that it was unrealistic, improbable, and totally ridiculous.  And so I forgot about it.  I forgot about it completely...until today when I read that line.

His goal for me--which I was to achieve by May 18, 2010, I now remember--was to be a singer in a rock band, just like I've always wanted.  Jesse put before me the very goal that my heart always wanted anyhow.

But if I forgot about it, did he, I wonder?  I will have to call him up.  :)