Thursday, May 27, 2010

West Chester: Where It's At :)

So while there's no photographic evidence of me being there last night, I did go to West Chester again.  I love this adorably cute college town.

This time the carpool consisted of Channing, John, Kyle, Sharon, Brian, and myself.

The topic for this young adults gathering was forgiveness, and it was exceedingly well-researched, well-described, and well-grounded in theology. 

A fantastic priest had us look closely at the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas.  We broke the topic apart, analyzed it, and reassembled it.

While I found the topic very interesting (especially when the discussion went to the topic of mortal and venial sins), I had an incredibly hard time paying attention, since the room in which the 75 of us sat was sweltering hot.

Normally, I have no problem sitting still for an extended amount of time, but last night I just couldn't do it.  I wiggled around in my seat, thought endlessly about the heat and the lack of air movement in the room, and couldn't concentrate on anything else!

But nothing lasts forever. 

And when the presentation was done, I cornered the priest to ask a few more questions (as I always seem to do), and then I followed everyone to our favorite after-spot, Ryan's.

I loooove these wonderful friends of mine and tried to photograph as many of them as I could last night.  :)

Thank you for letting me share!  And thank you, God, for these opportunities of fellowship!