Monday, June 14, 2010

A 9-Year Mystery...Finally Solved

For 9 years, I've been on a quest.

That's almost a decade.

And I'm not the only girl on it.  There were other truth-seekers, right along side of me.  And while these girls and I might occasionally forget the treasure we were seeking, we were reminded often enough about it that we kept pursuing it.

And when our chances seemed to diminish into oblivion two years ago, I held up the metaphorical torch...and also a flashlight.  I kept going.  I would not give up until our mission was accomplished.

Maybe I read too many Nancy Drew books when I was a little girl.  Or perhaps I was personally motivated because I wanted an answer for myself.  Things of this nature affect my senses greatly.  The most powerful sense I have for memory recall would not let me forget.

I deftly maneuvered many social situations.  I skillfully planned my next move.  I mentally lined up suspects and thought about who would be my trusted informants.  I kept copious notes.

What was our mission, you ask?

We wanted to know the brand of the unbelievable cologne that our principal wore.

Such a cologne had effected many of us female teachers, and we talked about it.  It was not over-powering.  It was only detectable when you stood very close to him.  And, if you hugged him at a holiday party, the scent lingered upon your person long after he left.

It wasn't that I was attracted to him.  He's much older than myself, and I've never been the kind of girl to be drawn to men too far from my own age.  But I really wanted to know his brand of cologne because--if I am so lucky as to be blessed with a husband one day--wouldn't this make for a lovely Christmas gift?

And so, I figured it out.  Finally.  Just last week.

And nope, I didn't ask him directly.  I'm much too clever for that.

And yep, I double-checked.  I went to the perfume and cologne counter at the department store last weekend and sprayed a little bit onto an index card.

I've got my suspect.  It's Polo by Ralph Lauren.  :)