Saturday, June 12, 2010

In Matters of Faith

I must be a very tangible person.

I give hugs to the people I love.  I kiss my golden retriever all over the place.  I like to move when I sing.  Indeed, I'm both a spirit and a body.

Perhaps that's why I need to see and feel my faith in order to be reminded to live it.  Maybe this is a weakness on my part, but thank goodness for these little bits of inspiration.

Each person's faith journey is different, obviously.  But here are some pictures of the little treasures I've picked up along the way.  Each one has a story attached to it and a person who first introduced me to the sacramental.  From such things, I draw inspiration.  At any given time, I probably have at least 2 or 3 attached to me.  :)

First to enter my life was the Miraculous Medal.  I was introduced to it in Catholic grade school, especially because I attended St. Catherine Laboure School, named after my beloved patron to whom Our Lady appeared and explained the medal's design.  Rarely does a day go by where I do not have this image of Our Lady tied about my neck.  Without it, I do feel naked.

Yet most dear to my heart is the Brown Scapular, perhaps because I believe it is the most powerful sacramental that a person can wear upon his or her body.  I have a collection of Brown Scapulars of all different sizes from all over the world, and each night before bed, I choose a different one to wear as protection while I sleep.  All the scapulars are lovely to me, but the brown one is my favorite.  When I can't decide between scapulars, I will wear the Five-Fold Scapular, a veritable pillow of scapulars, thickened by how many different-colored swatches of wool are sewn together.

On this there always seems to be a Crucifix and a St. Benedict Medal, two wonderful weapons that remind me of the strength of faith which the Holy Spirit will provide for the asking.

Almost a half-year ago, I completed my 33-day preparation of consecrating myself to Our Lord and Our Lady in the slave-like style of St. Louis DeMonfort.  As a result, I wear an inexpensive chain around my wrist to remind me of my enslavement to the will of God.  It happens that my wrist size required 13 links, and this made my heart very joyful, given that the 13th of the month is a special day for me.  It is not only the day of the month on which I received my most burdensome cross, but it is also the day of the month most filled with hope, for it was on the 13th of every month that Our Lady of Fatima used to appear to those 3 poor farming children.

Most recently, I've started wearing the Cord of St. Philomena, one of my most beloved saints, who introduced herself to me (though a dear friend of mine) sometime within the last 4 to 5 years.  My love for her has grown by leaps and bounds, especially in the last year.  Her cord is an interwoven white and red one, the former representing virginity and the latter representing martyrdom, for all of us are asked to die to ourselves for love of Christ, even in little sacrificial ways, each and every day.

Because these tangibles are so dear to me, I want to share them with everyone that I know.  So, if you would like one or all of these treasures that I've mentioned, please ask me for one.  It is my personal mission to obtain and give these out for free!