Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shannon Visits...and Brings Marty!!

I am fortunate to have a small collection of girls, each of whom I definitely consider a type of best friend.  Shannon is one of them!

She is soooo special to me.  We went to high school together, and I often think that there's not a single girl out there who is more like me than my beloved Shannon!

We think alike, act alike, dance alike, and even manage to live alike.  What she experiences, I experience a few months later.  Or, I might go through something and she'll go through the very same thing a few months after me.  If only she didn't live in Virginia, she'd definitely be living with me in this house, and our lives would be a whirlwind of activities and excitement.  When we join forces on the weekend (which unfortunately happens rarely, given the distance), amazing things happen.

The best weekend of my life was spent with her, and we both have our tragus piercings to commemorate that magical weekend.  The stars aligned, we met incredible people, and we danced for a total of 16 hours (8 on Friday night and 8 more on Saturday night).  That's the beautiful thing about Norfolk, Virginia.  There you can dance until sunrise, and we did.

So, when she came up to visit this past weekend to introduce me to Marty--who sure seems like he's going to be the love of her life--my heart was doing joyful somersaults.

He's the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of a popular rock band (do you recognize him?!), so I excitedly asked him to bequeath his wisdom to me as a rookie.  But, what I loved most about him was how attentive he was to my best friend's needs.

Marty and Shannon, so glad you found each other, and God bless you two!