Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Surprise Birthday Party

I have the most amazing friends ever!

This week they threw for me a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!

I unsuspectingly walked into the restaurant, guided by my band mate, John. 

I believed him when he said he wanted to take me out to dinner for my birthday, and I figured it was just going to be that: a chill, relaxing time spent with good food and a good friend.

But when he gave his name to the hostess, she asked, "Are you with the big party?" to which he replied with silence -- and to which I instinctively responded by dashing behind a dividing wall of booths to...hyperventilate and hide.

With a little coaxing from John and patience from our hostess, I eventually saddled up, walked to our table, joyfully beheld each person who was there, and managed--miraculously--to hug everybody and not cry.

I was deeply touched by the presence of each person.  All of them lead such busy lives and crazy work schedules, many of which consist of evening hours.  They came from Lancaster County, York County, Dauphin County, and even New Jersey.  And they came bearing cards, gifts, and stories to share.  I was flabbergasted.

It felt amazing to be surrounded by so many of the people that I love.  And these aren't even my family!!  What a blessing friends are.  Indeed, I have the very BEST.