Thursday, August 12, 2010

Celebration Dinner Honoring the Feast of St. Philomena!

Last night, I rounded up a handful of my girlfriends and we went out to eat, celebrating the Feast Day of our beloved St. Philomena!

Each girl received a little gift bag of St. Philomena goodies.  By the end of the night, many of them were wearing the red and white Cord of St. Philomena around their wrists!  And a few of them even wore their St. Philomena stickers!

We passed around a little bottle of holy oil, collected from the lamps that burn day and night near St. Philomena's remains.  

For fun, I decided to ask trivia questions about St. Philomena and give out little prizes!   Four girls answered my questions correctly (having paid attention!) and they each went home with an audio CD that discusses the holy life of the little 13-year-old martyr named St. Philomena.

What a fun night!