Thursday, August 05, 2010

Jack Myers Photography - "Girls with Cameras" Photo Shoot

What an interesting Tuesday morning I had!

Jack Myers of Jack Myers Photography asked if we could do a photo shoot for his upcoming series called "Girls with Cameras."

Jack's camera lens usually is focused only the things that are in the City of Lancaster.  He has captured a lot of the beautiful architecture of the city.  And he has gallery showings on First Friday's on what is now known as Gallery Row.

So on Tuesday morning, we went around town, and he posed me holding various vintage cameras from his collection.

Jack said that he could tell from my blog that my Catholic faith was very important to me.  So he wanted to pose me in front of beautiful church doors, he said.

He had scoped out ahead of time the prettiest church doors in Lancaster City.  And so, that morning, we walked around town and snapped photos in front of each one!

He took hundreds of photographs, whittled them down to 117 today, and--with my input--will pick the top 15, he said.   Even if he selects none of my photos to be in his "Girls with Camera" series, I am grateful to have had such an experience.  Thanks, Jack!  That was fun!