Friday, September 03, 2010

Bon Voyage Party

Last week my friend Angela threw a going away party for our dear friend Katharine and her new hubby Michael. 

After tying the knot in California, these two are off to live in Canada, where Michael is a math professor.

What a stellar couple these two are.  They're full of faith, so very Catholic, speak many languages, and trot the globe.  I'm totally inspired!

Although it should have gone the other way around, Katharine gave all of us girls very meaningful parting gifts.  To me, she gave me a one-decade Rosary made of those lovely seeds called "Tears of Job," which she picked up recently in Spain.  I loved it instantly.  And Father blessed it moments after she placed it in my hand!

Thank you, Katharine, for your friendship and inspiration these last three years.  I am going to miss you!!!