Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Free Baby Doves to Whomever Promises to Love Them! Available for Adoption in Just 3 Weeks from Today!

Today the second egg in the nest hatched! 

This is Baby #5!  Congratulations again to the parents, Pure & Innocent!

This is their fifth child to date.  Their children are:

1. Gentle Junior    Born with Cerebral Palsy, this little dove had difficulty holding his head up and was in immediate need of a wheelchair. 

While this technology is available for dogs, cats, and even hamsters, it is not yet available for birds, let alone baby ones. 

Gentle Junior fought courageously for his life but finally passed away when his parents (who were beside themselves with sadness) stopped feeding him due to their sense of hopelessness and confusion.  He died in my hands, smiling peacefully at the warmth of them.

2.  Meek (also known as "Baby Hope") lived with me for many months after her hatching because I just could not part with her.  I spoiled her every chance that I got!  But, when she became a egg layer, it caused a rift with her parents.  It was time for her to fly the coop, and so she was adopted by my dear friend Marian.  Those two are now absolutely inseparable!

3.  Mild (also known as "Peepers") was adopted by my friend Shawn.  A hardy bird who can take a little rough-housing, this dove has truly enriched Shawn's life beyond words.  He had no idea the presence of a dove would be so transformative.   He's told me so.

4.  The fourth baby dove was born yesterday and still needs a name!

5.  And the fifth baby was born today and also needs a name!

If you'd like to adopt one of the babies, I shall give them away for free to anyone who promises to love them!  Living with a creature that symbolizes the Holy Spirit brings about a peace and joy that cannot be described.  Just wait until you experience it!  Just leave a comment here with your email address, if you're interested. 

In 3 short weeks, these little pink babies will be all fluffy and ready to go.