Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Player Piano at Grandmom's House

Last night, Michael and I had dinner at my lovely grandmother's house.  She's 93 and absolutely adorable.  I love her so much!

Mom served us her wonderful lasagna with bread, salad, and corn on the cob.  Our dessert was fresh strawberries with whipped cream served in a shortbread cup and saturated with milk.  Yummy!

After the meal, Grandma insisted that we turn on the player piano and listen to a little music.  I got to pick the first song, and I couldn't resist choosing my favorite, "Moon River."

After Mom demonstrated how to make the player piano run, Michael got to sit down and pump the pedals with his feet.  After singing along to "Moon River," we then listened to the theme song from The Phantom of the Opera.  So much fun!

All surface levels of my grandmother's piano (except for the keys) are FILLED with photographs of our extended family.  What a blessing family is.  The blessing of family grows more and more important to me with each passing year.