Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting the House Ready

All this week, I prepared the house for Michael's big move-in.  

I threw away a ton of stuff.  I even had the carpets shampooed and deodorized. 

I totally re-thought the layout of the house and how we could best use our living space.  I managed to create a brand new dining room and master bedroom. Who knew this house had such potential! Two new rooms that I never had before! :)
After a week of work, the house was finally ready!  The formal dining room was finished. The new Prayer Room layout was complete. The master bedroom was all set!  The living room became a new blank canvas, and the basement was now organized! 
Michael and his friend Paul arrived with his things in a big truck this past Friday night.  But don't worry; Michael doesn't get to live here until after we're married! (19 more days!)
Here's our new dining room!  Oldest in the room is the fireplace mantle, from 1910.  Next is the table, dated 1943.  The pottery on the mantle is from 1952.  And the white mirror on the wall is from 1954.  This goes along well in a house that was built in 1949, don't ya think? :)

Michael and I are ready to entertain in this new space, so please -- invite yourself over for dinner and we'll happily say yes!  :)
And here's our master bedroom!

What a fun little bench, huh?  :)