Friday, June 10, 2011

Giving New Meaning to a "Faithful Dog"

My dear reader, I have a very Catholic dog.

She has an incredible, visible faith in God -- and a particular devotion to St. Joseph and Our Lady.

How do I know this?

She's demonstrated unique behaviors consistently since I adopted her.

Many times I am unable to capture it on film, but I always take mental note of it and always promise never to forget or doubt her again.

Our faiths build upon one another, I think, because she does emulate me whenever possible.  And, when I see her pray, it makes me want to pray, too.

Unfortunately, however, lately I have let the Prayer Room get a bit messy -- and so I haven't gone into it much for daily prayer.  Sometimes, ashamedly, I have closed the door, lest any guests find my disorganization to be unsavory.

Papers from religious classes I've taught are strewn about the floor, laying there with the promise of being organized and filed later when I have more time.  Boxes of materials I use to instruct sit around, too, waiting to be unpacked.  Even several Rosary CDs are waiting to be returned to their cases!

But the other night, when the thunderstorm came, poor Macy was so terrified that she could do nothing else but commit her entire dog self and give all of her canine worry to Jesus Himself.  She pushed open the door to the Prayer Room, leaped over my piles of stuff, and prostrated herself beneath the feet of Jesus at the cross, her face looking intently at the infant Jesus being held by my statue of St. Joseph, with an icon of Our Lady beneath it.  She also looked mostly in the direction of the saint relics, no doubt asking our heavenly friends for their intercession.

And she would not budge.  Truly, she held a vigil there all night.  I turned on some of the electric candles for her, turned off the house lights, and went to bed.  It wasn't until sunrise when she concluded her prayers, walked into the bedroom, and fell immediately asleep on her little dog bed.  She was exhausted.

Thank you, God, for giving me a faithful dog that has a prayer life.  And thank You, Lord, for giving me the eyes to recognize it.