Friday, June 10, 2011

St. James' Men's Golf Tournament

I have such a true friend in Juliana!

The other day, she came over to spend the afternoon with me while our fiances golfed in a tournament.

We were supposed to go shopping at several bridal stores to find the accessories we need, but we had so much fun talking and laughing that we never made it out of the house!

She feels like a kindred spirit to me, totally open and honest and pure in her enthusiasm. 

Our paths couldn't be more similar right now as we both prepare for marriage, learn about our life partners, and each plan a wedding!  How blessed we are to have each other!  She marries Greg in October and couldn't be more thrilled about the fact that she'll now live locally to me!  (Greg, if you remember, used to be in my band.)

All of a sudden, while we were chatting in the kitchen, I heard the familiar drum beats that were so reminiscent of band practice last summer.  Sure enough, Scott was practicing in my garage!  We ran out to see him and continued chatting as we enjoyed the percussion-only concert.

Soon Michael and Greg arrived, back from their golf tournament, and together the five of us walked across the street to the little church that I love.  To celebrate the conclusion of the men's golf tournament, the church served up an incredible feast.  :)

With our bellies full, we returned to the garage and spent the evening making music.  Greg grabbed my white electric guitar from the house; Juliana took the microphone; Scott resumed the drums; and Michael and I just sort of floated. 

I thought I was being good wearing my hot pink ear plugs, but Michael topped me; he wore a ridiculously large pair of blue ear protectors, and I found myself falling in love with him all the more.  :)