Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Blessed Mother's on the Window Sill!

In the days prior to our wedding, the weather was so gorgeous!

And it was Springtime weather, all comfortable and glorious!

I worried that the gorgeous weather and perfect temperature wouldn't continue. 

When would God want to water the earth with rainfall?  And when would He raise the thermostat to its usual July position?

And then I remembered again what my dear Grandmother always says:  "Put the Blessed Mother on the window sill!"  And so, this I did, with a fervent prayer that Our Lady would intercede before the Throne of her Son and ask Him to keep the weather lovely.  :)

Do you see how, in this picture, her statue is looking directly at the church?

Of course, if it rained, Michael and I would just joyfully cling to the old saying which says that couples who marry on rainy days are blessed with great fertility!  :)