Thursday, July 07, 2011

One Novena Away...from a Lifetime Vocation!

Last summer, when I wrote a blog entitled "Just One Novena Away", I was only 9 days away from the conclusion of my 3-year Marian Promise. 

When I wrote the blog, I had no idea that a few hours later, my beloved future husband would contact me on  By the grace of the Holy Spirit, I would respond by asking him to wait until my novena was finished.

My novena to St. Joseph brought Michael into my life.  And my novena to St. Philomena opened my eyes to recognizing my future spouse for who he truly was.

And thus began a new, blessed era of my life. 

And thus tonight begins our last intensive preparation for our final chapter together, the one that will carry us through the rest of our lives:  our vocation to the holy sacrament of marriage.

My dear readers, I beg you to keep Michael and I in your prayers, for our novena is to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, in preparation for her feast day and our wedding day on July 16th!  Yes, we are only ONE NOVENA away from the holy sacrament of matrimony!!

Unite your prayers with us, please, that Our Lord's Holy Will will be done, both in our lives and in yours!  Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us!