Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stockholders Celebrate as Lisa's Restaurant Flourishes, Despite Tough Economy

Associated Press (AP) -- On Tuesday, stockholders in Lisa's Restaurant cheered as a company spokesman revealed that share values had leaped up significantly since July 16th.

Despite the tough economy, the new enterprise called Lisa's Restaurant is indeed flourishing.  The varied selection of entrees offered keeps bringing people back. guy in particular.

"We haven't seen a lot of clients visit the restaurant yet," admitted proprietor Lisa Goddard. "But the important thing is that our business is steady.  We get at least one customer each night."

Each day, new specials are being added to an ever-expanding menu.  Each meal is cooked with a special, priceless ingredient that Goddard says cannot be bought in a grocery store.

When asked about staffing, Goddard admitted that she works without a hired chef or waiters.  "I just do everything myself," she revealed.

However, when asked about a company mascot, Goddard happily reported that golden retriever Macy does an excellent job and is "always on the premises to welcome guests."

So what is the secret to this little company's massive growth and success in such a short amount time?

"Faith," Goddard replied.  "Our CEO has always been God."