Thursday, July 28, 2011

Truth Be Told: Makeup Puts Me in a Horrible Mood :(

No wonder I almost never wear it.

I have no clue how to apply it.  I have no clue what products to use.  Skin care regimens scare me.  I feel overwhelmed when friends give me suggestions.  And, when I make attempts at things, I never like the finished product.

Once, when I was in a friend's wedding, I attempted to use foundation.  I chose the wrong color and forgot to blend it in along my forehead, so I had this long, crooked line across my face.  I looked horrible in all the photos.

Even after buying expensive new products in preparation for the wedding day, I ended up reverting back to my old stuff from many years ago, just because I felt comfortable with it.

Do I even LOOK like I have any makeup on in this photograph?  My eyes look so plain!

I might be smiling, but I sure was in a sour-puss grumble-pants sort of mood while I was doing this trial by myself.  I ended up trying on so many different shades of lipstick that day (and subsequently wiping them off each time) that I aggravated my lips and watched with horror as a cold sore reared its ugly head.

I ran off to the drugstore, almost in tears, praying hard that God would heal me through the use of Abreva.  All of this was a great lesson in being more humble.  And for that, I thank Jesus.