Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Garter Removal

Michael really surprised me with his removal of my garter belt!

He changed the song on me (it was a total surprise!) and he hammed it up quite considerably!  He began by seductively removing his suit coat, throwing it to one of his groomsmen, rolling up his sleeves, smiling hugely, and walking around me as I sat on a little chair in the center of the empty dance floor.  He even reached down to kiss me -- but then didn't!  What a tease!  But then he did finally kiss me! 

I was so surprised and delighted!  Our crowd of family and friends seemed to like his antics, too! 

I've never seen a groom be so fun-loving and creative with this age-old tradition!  When he finally brought his head from out under my dress, the garter belt was in his teeth!  I know I blushed a thousand different shades of red and pink!