Tuesday, September 13, 2011

At the Colosseum

Here we are at the Colosseum!  It's so sad to think about all the innocent lives that were killed here for entertainment.  I was thankful to see the cross that they erected to commemorate those deaths.  What a crazy piece of history this structure was to see!

The Roma Pass was one of the best purchases we made as soon as we got to Italy!  It got us 3 days to ride the metro, immediate admission into many popular tourist sites, and we didn't have to wait in any lines!

So why the mug, you ask?

Well, prior to leaving for Europe, Michael and I had lunch with my grandmother and mother at a quaint little cafe called the Squire Side Cafe.  Behind the cash register is a map of the world, peppered with photos of customers who have lugged their mugs around the world and have posed in a photo to prove it.

When the cafe owner heard that Michael and I were engaged to be married soon and would be traveling to Italy, he insisted that we take one of his mugs and return with a picture.  So we snapped several!  What fun.  :)