Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Juliana's Bridal Shower

Shortly after getting back from our honeymoon, it was time to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Juliana and Greg...by honoring the bride-to-be with a bridal shower!  (I made the hat of bows for her!)

Joolies, as I affectionately call her, is soon to marry the man who used to play guitar in my Catholic rock band!  She's from Brazil, and she's a passionate Catholic.  I am soooo blessed to have her friendship!  We've been friends for several years now already.

Becky was an awesome girl, too!  It's a wonder she and I never met before, considering that we both frequently used to attend the young adult Catholic group in West Chester!

Her mother-in-law thought of every detail...including bridal-themed toilet tissue for the bathroom!

A tradition in Brazil is that brides-to-be are to unwrap their gifts while blindfolded.  Joolies had to guess not only the gift but also who gave it to her.  What a challenge!

She looooves that I call her Julies.  I just like to switch up the spelling now and then.  :)

Michael and I gave her a pair of matching lamps and shades from her registry!

She had so much fun that day!  We all did!!

What a great gift!  This says it all!

The soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Tomlinson!  :)

The groom with his brothers!